2022-02-17 - The Garden is closed

Dear Visitors,

on Thursday 17th February and on Saturday 19th February the Garden will remain closed due to strong wind and meteorological alerts.

2022-02-09 - Announcement

Dear Visitors,

storms occur more and more frequently among the effects of progressive climate change. The wind may exceed 100 km / h. It breaks branches, large boughs, overturns trees and constitutes a threat to health and life.

For the safety of visitors, in the event that the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management releases warnings regarding forecasted strong winds or storms, the Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań may remain closed. Each time you receive this type of weather alerts, we advise you to stay at home and avoid wooded areas and postpone your visit to the Botanical Garden until later.

2021-07-13 - Daylilies and roses

July is the time of flowering daylilies and roses. We invite you to the Garden, where both our collections are currently looking amazing.


Our collection of daylilies is very large - you can admire as many as 280 varieties of these plants here. Plants grow in various places in the Garden, usually close to the paths so that you can admire them closely. There are plants with flowers of various colors and shapes. Astonishing!


Although the collection of roses has fewer varieties - 29 - it can boast an impressive number of almost 3,000 plants. Roses collection called "różanka" was designed on a semicircular plan and is one of the favorite places of our guests. The roses were planted in a harmonious color scheme, from the lightest to the darkest.


The weather is good, it is the perfect time for summer walks among greenery and beautiful flowers.




2021-04-27 - Attention! Wild animals.

We inform, that wild animals including roe deer, wild boars and foxes enter AMU Botanical Garden.

Such situations, in accordance with the procedures, are reported to the relevant services.

We highlight that wild animals, if they feel threatened, can attack.

It is forbidden to approach them, photograph them and frighten them. Do not feed under any circumstances!

If you encounter wild animals, be extremely careful and calmly move away.


2021-04-13 - Looking for Cowslips

Looking for Cowslips!


Spring weather makes you go out into nature. By the way, you can contribute to the development of science. We encourage everyone to take part in the citizen science project concerning cowslip (Primula veris L.), carried out by the University of Tartu in cooperation with numerous partners from all over Europe.


The project involves public in searching for cowslips sites in order to gain knowledge about the condition of this species and its habitats in Europe and particular countries. The aim is also to know the prevalence of the two phenotypes of this plant. 


The first cowslips just bloomed in Botanical Garden.



Even if you are affraid that your knowledge about plants is insufficient, don't worry! You can join this initiative. Taking part in this scientific research is easy. On the website of the project you can find detailed instructions. Visit the website and find out more





2021-04-01 - Easter greetings

2021-02-23 - The first geophytes

A few warm, sunny days after the frost has passed, and we can already enjoy the sight of the emerging geophytes. The first snowdrops are already blooming in the Garden. The winter aconites and the first few crocuses have also bloomed :) Any day we expect mezereums to develop flowers. The aura encourages walks. The sounds of birds made them even more pleasant :) Goose keys and cranes fly overhead. The joyful chuckle of the green woodpecker reverberate in the Garden. We have extended the opening hours of the Garden! Currently, you can visit us at 9:00 a.m., and we do not close the gates until 5:00 p.m. See you on the garden paths!



2021-01-08 - The Botanical Garden is now open

Dear visitors, we would like to inform that the Botanical Garden is open. We invite you for walks.

2021-01-07 - The Garden is closed

Today, on January 7, 2021, wild boars appeared in the Botanical Garden of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In the interests of the health and safety of visitors to the Garden, the facility remains closed until further notice.


2020-12-18 - Christmas greetings

We would like to wish you marry Christmas :)