2021-01-08 - The Botanical Garden is now open

Dear visitors, we would like to inform that the Botanical Garden is open. We invite you for walks.

2021-01-07 - The Garden is closed

Today, on January 7, 2021, wild boars appeared in the Botanical Garden of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In the interests of the health and safety of visitors to the Garden, the facility remains closed until further notice.


2020-12-18 - Christmas greetings

We would like to wish you marry Christmas :)


2020-11-26 - Changing garden paths

Dear Visitors, we would like to inform you that we have just completed the renewal of the path that runs along the Alpinarium. The new surface looks beautiful. We invite you for walks!



2020-08-21 - Renovation of the summer pavilion begins

On August 21, renovation of the summer pavilion in the oldest part of the AMU Botanical Garden in Poznań begins. Therefore, the pavilion and the adjacent area will be closed to the public until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.


around 1928

August 2020



2020-07-13 - Why the gate at Botaniczna street is closed? The statement

Dear Visitors,


the reason for closing the gate at Botaniczna street is the care of the safety of our visitors. It is threatened by passing through the garden of cyclists and occurring acts of vandalism. In addition, to maintain the integrity of valuable and rich plant collections, it is also our responsibility to prevent dogs from entering the Garden and to prevent the theft of plants and elements of the infrastructure. The Adam Mickiewicz University does not have additional resources to employ people supervising the order in the park, therefore, opening the second gate even on weekends and holidays remains impossible. We also note that other institutions located in Poznań: zoological gardens, the Poznań Palm House and the Arboretum of the University of Life Sciences, also have only one entrance.

2020-07-06 - The statement

Dear Visitors,


due to the necessity to maintain employee safety and ensure the persistence of the collections and fulfill the duties of the AMU Botanical Garden, the Garden remains open to visitors during limited hours from Monday to Friday. As an entity maintaining rich plant collections, including protected, rare and endangered species, as well as species requiring regular care, we cannot afford the risk of leaving the Garden unattended if one of the employees is diagnosed with coronavirus infection. This would result in the complete closure of the Garden and most likely irreversible loss of some of our valuable collections.

We invite you for walks, but please follow the recommendations, i.e. maintain social distance and war masks when maintaining a safe distance is impossible.

2020-03-16 - Notice

Dear Visitors,


We would like to inform you that due to the spread of coronavirus in Poland, for the sake of common health security, from March 15, 2020 until cancellation, the Exhibition and Education Centre of the AMU Botanical Garden in Poznań will be closed.


Outdoor collection of plants (the park) is open to visitors during normal hours.

2020-01-09 - Medals from the Botanical Five

After the last run of the Botanical Five before christmas, we obtained two medals. Beautiful medals. For the cooperation in organizing all runs in the Botanical Garden. Thank you very much! 





2019-10-02 - Medal of the 100 years of the Polish Red Cross

Many thanks for the Polish Red Cross for the medal of the 100 years of the Polish Red Cross. Thank You for this beautiful honour and many years of cooperation. We wish You subsequent 100 years of precious humanitarian activity.