The May long weekend in Botanik

This year the May long weekend in the Garden had to be cancelled. Due to the accelerating epidemic and subsequent restrictions introduced by the government, be mindful of our common health and safety, together with the University authorities we decided to cancel this event.


The May long weekend in the Botanik is an annual cultural event that takes place from 1st to 3d May in the Garden. Many attractions are waiting for our guests every year. Artistic performances make your stay in the Garden pleasant. We invite you to the booth of the education section to explore nature through science and art, play games and participate in many workshops. Board games enthusiasts will also find a place for themselves in the Garden. We encourage all people trying to arrange their gardens or balcons to look at the plant collection offered for sale - you can buy beautiful, healthy specimens here that will grace your private home collections :) We also encourage you tu support Palium Hospice by contributing to the annual collection. And above all on the May long weekend we invite you for a walk to the Garden, which hums with life at this time of the year - the plants bloom, take on colours, the birds sing and the red squirrels flash between the trees.   



Fot. A. K.