the alpine garden



The Alpine Garden is undoubtedly the highlight of the Garden. It covers ca. 6000 m2, and the denivelation reaches even up to 9 m. The construction of the Alpine Garden began in the late 1940s and it is continued to this day. For the construction of the Alpine Garden almost 3000 tonnes of rock material, mainly granite and limestone was used. The weight of some blocks of rock can reach even several tonnes. In this part of the Garden seven water reservoires connected with the streams in the closed water cycle were made (that emphasizes the mountain character of the Alpine Garden). The object is automatically irrigated. The collections allow visitors to study issues concerning the geography, ecology and biology of alpine plants, as well as issues connected with altitudinal zonation. In, from each other separated, mountain ranges like the Alps, the Carpathian Mountains and the Caucasus, groups of taxa are presented which are characteristic of: herb communities, alpine grass meadows, rock cracks or scree.