Etiquette and rules

The rulebook for Visitors



Dear Visitors,


welcome in the Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. We invite you to visit the park and the Exhibition and Education Centre every day eny season. Please, respect plant collections of the Garden, animals living here and the infrastructure. We ask you to familiarize oneself with the etiquette and rules of the Garden, respect it and strictly adhere to the instructions of Garden's employees for safety reasons of all people in the park and all advantages of this unique place. In case of any problems or questions ask the staff of the Garden for help.


Have a nice visit in the Garden and great relax!



The Garden's authorities reserve the right to alter the opening and closing hours.

During rainy and extremely windy weather the Garden is closed for visitors.

Children and youth under 14 years old should visit the Garden in adults keeping.

Please, move only along paths within the Garden.

Please, do not use radio sets and keep quiet. Many visitors are looking for calm in the Garden. This is also a place where many animals live.




The following are not permitted in the AMU Botanical Garden: 

  • walking dogs and cycling* within the Garden,
  • rollerblading, riding on scooters within the Garden,
  • picking and taking out plants or parts of the plants,
  • climbing on trees and stones,
  • destroying information signs, benches, barriers and other objects,
  • fishing, catching and disturbing animals,
  • alcohol consumption,
  • conducting commercial activities in front of and within the Garden without the Director's permission,
  • flying drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. The area of the AMU Botanical Garden is located within the controlled zone of the Poznań Ławica airport.

* Bicycle stands are located near the gate.