the ecological section

The Ecological Section is located mainly in the northern part of the Botanical Garden. This is the lowest part of the Garden with relatively high level of groundwater, reaching up to 40 cm deep in some places and varying depending of the amount of precipitation. Due to the landform and existing water relations it comprises several subsections of plants belonging to various ecological groups.


In the forest subsection, taxa of the native flora have been gathered, mainly trees and shrubs, but also perennials of the forest floor. Examples of a beech forest, a deciduous forest with oaks and hornbeams and a pine wood are presented here. The sand dune collection mirrors the main zones of dune vegetation that, in natural conditions, are arranged parallel to the coastline. Annual plants like halophytes and psammophytes are grown there with success. Meadow plants are represented by rich and colorful mesic meadows.




Photo: J. Jaskulska