Botanical Alert




The Botanical alert is an initiative through which we would like to pay attention on curiosities in our Garden. We will be publishing botanical, mycological or zoological reports regularly, every two or three weeks. There will be a place for wonderfully smelling flowers, strunningly flowering plants, mysterious mushrooms - to show you the amazing world of these organisms. We will also publish the information about migrating birds coming back to Poland from wintering grounds and pollinator concentrations on melliferous plants. Non-mobile organisms will be mapped co you could easily find them in the Garden. We encourage you to follow the botanical alerts! :)


And why we named this initiative botanical, although these are also mycological and zoolorigal alerts? Becouse this is the Botanik's initiative :-) 



This time in a movie form (in polish but with english subtitles) Mateusz Sowelo talks about wisteria and common laburnum.